Kenge is a set of packages you can glue together to create L4 and other microkernel based systems. Individual packages are grouped into projects, which provide a self-contained system which can be built into a boot image. The Iguana system is an example of a Kenge project.

One of the important packages is the build tools package, which makes it easier to glue together differnet kernels, libraries, device drivers and applications.

If you are new and just getting started you should probably start downloading and experimenting with the hello world project.



Package versions

All released versions of packages are available as tarballs. We also provide snapshots of our devel and testing trees. The devel series contains the latest changes committed by our developers. These packages may or may not work at any time. After packages have passed our internal regression tests they are pushed onto our testing tree. At any point in time it should contain the latest known working copy.

Revision control access

We provide a public mirror of revision control system for anyone who wants to easily pull latest patches, rather than downloading tarballs. We are using a GNU Arch based archive.

Our archive is called and is available at

More details on accessing our version control repository are available here.

Mailing list

The mailing list is public, unmoderated mailing list for users of the Kenge packages. If you have questions or problems using Kenge this is the list to email. You can subscribe, unsubscribe, and view archives here.