L4/Darwin (Darbat) Release 0.2

The current release of Darbat is 0.2. Full release notes are available below. Both source code and binaries are available. The release notes describe the current status of the port, an overview of the Darbat architecture and instructions on how to build and boot an image.


Old releases can be found in the download directory.


The easiest way to get Darbat going is as follows.
  1. Download and read the Release Notes
  2. Download and unpack the Binary Package
  3. Download the CD image and follow instructions from the release notes to put this onto a CD or USB key.
  4. Follow the rest of the instructions in the release notes.

To build darbat from source, there are further details in the release notes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will I have to partition or format my hard disk?

    No. The bootloader runs from removable media and the kernel is downloaded over FireWire. You can mount the local disk read-only.

  2. Will it boot on a PowerPC Mac?

    No. There is currently no PPC port.

  3. Will it boot in a simulator or emulator?

    Currently we're not aware of any simulator or emulator that supports EFI firmware and the SSE2 instruction set.

  4. Are you replacing Mach?

    No, re-writing or replacing Mach is too hard. We execute Mach (and the rest of XNU) inside an L4 task. Performance gains will come from taking advantage of L4's performance where it counts.

  5. When will Darbat be ready for real work?

    Work has ceased on DarBat.