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Employment Opportunities in ERTOS


We are always looking for PhD-qualified researchers at all levels, in the fields of Operating Systems, Real-Time Systems and Power Management. Besides the usual criteria of academic excellence, a main requirement is demonstrated skills of building practically-usable systems. Commercialisation experience is highly desirable.

Please check out the detailed job advertisement and the respective position descriptions.

Research Engineers

We have a number of openings for research engineers. These perform various research and development tasks on one of our research projects and under the direction of a researcher.

We see these positions primarily as a interim step towards a research degree. Besides helping us to get the engineering work done that is required to produce high-impact research outcomes, these positions develop the appointees' systems or formal methods skills and maturity.

We expect people to be in such a position for typically 1–2 years, before converting to full-time PhD study. This way a student can hit the ground running, and dramatically shorten the usual start-up period of a PhD. The added maturity and research experience also helps the student achieve more in the limited period during which a scholarship is available. We see this as one way to ensure our PhDs are world-class, helping us to produce high-impact research.

An implication is that suitability for a PhD degree in systems or formal methods is an important selection criterion for our research engineer positions.

Example job descriptions for systems and a verification research engineers.